Angular 2 Server Side Rendering is an alternative to WordPress and React.js

Angular 2 can support server side rendering. Learn more from this video:

WordPress has chosen to go with React.js in Calypso, but other Drupal and many other projects have yet create such a strong dependency on front end technologies.

There is now more talk of coupling Drupal with Node and other technologies, and Angular is now a real option:

Unlike Angular 1.x, Angular2 is not tightly coupled to the DOM. In fact, Angular2 was built from the ground up to potentially run anywhere, including your web server. In this talk, we will go through the implications of this design and demonstrate the power of rendering your Angular2 app on the server.

For Drupal and current generation WordPress applications will be able to render Angular 2 components with PHP using a number of different options. It’s cool that React.js has a viable alternative in Angular 2 and not just a single technology will create a monoculture.

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