PHP / Symfony Cloud Deployment

The cloud remains a popular buzz word in the IT world. For some old school developers and sysadmins it can be quite distant, but fused together by DevOps professionals and Continuous Integration processes it becomes a much more natural piece of every day work.

You can still deploy applications to physical or more commonly nowadays VPSes (Virtual Private Servers), but cloud environments such as Amazon, Azure and Google App Cloud provide an excellent and stable environment for running critical applications without the overhead of server administration.

For Symfony framework application the wealth of Bundles allow building an infrastructure with PHP that is truly ready to function in the cloud. Modern PHP applications, such as eZ Platform, built on the Symfony Framework can take advantage of services provided by the cloud platforms.

A few examples are Stash for caching, FlySystem for Binary Storage and HTTP Caching with FOSHttpCacheBundle. Learn more about Symfony supported Cloud Platforms from here:






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