Developers like it simple

Developers like it simple. PHP rose to it’s popularity because it was so straightforward and downright rewarding to start hacking away to get results.

Since those days PHP has grown up to be a mature and stable platform requiring quite a bit of knowledge to get into. It’s no longer the quick and dirty solution in the minds of developers, but rather the boring tool they used five years ago.

PHP has somewhat been replaced by JavaScript; The new champion of building applications fast and just with a few lines of code, rather than having the overhead of learning a framework such as Symfony or Zend. Both of which have actually responded with the Symfony Micro Kernel and Zend Expressive.

It seems like insanity; just as PHP is getting suitable for larger teams to work on big products it’s being killed off by WordPress? Now if only that was the case. Java continues to be around and popular because it has structure and is a astable platform.

Going back to JavaScript, it’ll get increasingly bloated as it strives to get to the point where Java has been for well over a decade. Adding structure and conventions will continue and as it does, the appeal of JavaScript among developers will fade.

Soon enough JavaScript will be the cursed Enterprise Technology that is so hard to work with and does not enable a two line hello world. It’ll be again replaced by something else, completely. Such is the game of programming

The replacement of JavaScript will be so elegant and done right.



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