Symfony, ZURB Foundation and Gulp

Foundation from ZURB is a great framework for creating both sites and web applications with. It comes with it’s own handy command line tools that help you work with the source material, using a JavaScript build process powered by Gulp.

Symfony as a backend framework should interfere as little as possible with the flow developers are accustomed to when using Foundation (or some other similar front end toolkit). In the past Symfony relied heavily on Assetic, a PHP based front end build tool chain to optimise and minimise CSS and JavaScript.

Assetic served the Symfony community great for a long time, but with JavaScript powered workflows being the norm it might have seen it’s limelight. It will continue to power thousands of web application and sites well into the future, but with Symfony offering the Asset component there is a simple way that developers should consider:

The example in case was a very simplistic way of working with Symfony and the Foundation CSS framework Gulp build tools. It allows the use of the Foundation command line interface, for upgrading the framework itself. No messing around with Symfony bundles with outdated versions or hacking around with pure CSS versions of Foundation.

In this article you’ll find instructions on using ZURB Foundation with Symfony with Gulp, the original toolchain.

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