Data Journalism CMS Requirements

Content Management Systems are tools for publishing created content online. With the rise of rise of Data Journalism there is an increasing need to provide content creators with the tools to merge content and data.

Below are some opinions on what those requirements should be for a good Data Journalism CMS should have.

A mature DMS will let people do all the following things. Whether as a proprietary monolith, or by slick integration across the web:

  • Load and update data from any source (ETL)
  • Store datasets and index them for querying
  • View, analyse and update data in a tabular interface (spreadsheet)
  • Visualise data, for example with charts or maps
  • Analyse data, for example with statistics and machine learning
  • Organise many people to enter or correct data (crowd-sourcing)
  • Measure and ensure the quality of data, and its provenance
  • Permissions; data can be open, private or shared
  • Find datasets, and organise them to help others find them
  • Sell data, sharing processing costs between users

– Content Management Systems, remember those?

And another set:

Data Journalism requires flexibility from the publishing platform. Not only do you need to provide tools for creating original content by hand, but also integrated tools to collect and analyse large amounts of data. And all this needs to be done in a single easy-to-use environment to keep production cost reasonable.

Four points sum up what you should look at when selectign :

  • Excellent content creation tools: Content is where the media focuses at, you should not compromise on this.
  • Integrated data collection and analysis tools: There should be basic collection and analysis tools for collecting data from the visitors.
  • Integrated personalization tools: Automatic content recommendation tools for inserting data into the correct visitor context – based on profile or device at hand
  • An extensible interface: Both content and data centric activities need to be done in the same interface. It should be easy to embed content derived from data.

– Best CMS for Data Journalism


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