Drupal goes with Angular 2, WordPress with React, Laravel with Vue.js

Drupal and WordPress continue their battle for supremacy of the web, it looks like the two have also sided differently when it comes to their decoupling with JavaScript and REST efforts. Back in November 2015, Automattic – the driving force behind WordPress – announced their WordPress shell running on Facebook’s React view library:

Calypso is a modern shell for the old WordPress back end, using the soon to be available REST API. The shell is built with contemporary technologies such as React and Node.js. The interface is built off a clean slate and is already in production use over at WordPress.com.
– The future of WordPress is JavaScript

Some six months later and much deliberation Dries Buytaert seems to have sided with the Google backed Angular 2 front end framework for their future:

Decoupling Drupal and working with a front end framework has been a hot topic in the Drupal Community for a while now. Dries Buytaert has discussed the prospects of different options, and has even credited the Angular 2 team for changing their licensing to be compatible with Drupal.
– Drupal team working on Angular 2 Universal support for Twig / PHP

These are competing technologies and the battle has now been upped a notch. What remains notable is that both sit on the shoulders of Giants; WordPress Facebook’s and Drupal on Google’s. The odd one out is Laravel showing support for Vue.js:

Vue.js is the best JavaScript framework that you’ve likely never heard of. We’ve already covered React here at Laracasts, so let’s move on to something else – something far more simple, many might say. Intrigued?
– The Vast World of Vue.js 0.12

JS Comparison: Angular vs. React vs. Vue


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