Matt Mullenweg to make WordPress great again – puts releases on hold

In his State of the Word 2016 speech Matt Mullenweg, the project lead for the WordPress project announced that there will be no releases of WordPress in the upcoming future. Development on the project will continue, but before a new official version is released – there will need to be significant improvement in key areas.

Matt will not sign off any new releases before the community addresses three key areas in WordPress that he identifies as which could become a hindrance as WordPress reaches for higher market share and even wider popularity in it’s task for world domination to democratise publishing of content in the Internet:

It is best in life to crush your enemies with marketshare, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their proprietary CMS.
– Conan the Mattarian

The three areas that the great leader sets his target to are:

  1. The WordPress REST API: The WordPress REST API has been in development for a number of years, but continues to lack many key functionalities, including authentication. WordPress 4.7 adds more endpoints to core, but this is not sufficient according to Mullenweg.
  2. The Editor: The rich text editing functionalities provided in the default editor are lacking behind the competition. He would like the community to reimagine the editing experience and embrace the poetry of the code. This is partially already happening in the Automattic built JavaScript shell for WordPress, Calypso.
  3. The Customizer: The customizer allows live-previewing to configuration changes done to a WordPress installation. It enables handy previews of theme changes, color changes and widget placement to provide a basic WYSIWYG preview. Competition like Wix and Squarespace are more advanced and for WordPress to stay relevant and remain number one most popular publishing tool it needs to catch the proprietary pair.

With these targets set the project should be well set to continue dominating and even expanding it’s market share and reach. This is key in battling proprietary corporations that have the funding to run multimillion dollar marketing campaigns of their products, where as WordPress is an effort of love and devotion for many – a true community effort!

Let’s Make WordPress Great Again!

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