Best reception smartphone

The company Zero Reception is developing a smartphone with maximum cellular network smartphone. The device is runs Android, and the improved cell reception promises a fourfold improvement over other cellphones.

The device is known as Certum Phone and it is being developed in Finland by antenna specialists that have have extensive industry experience in the field:

The Radientum crew hails from Tampere. The former Nokia/Microsoft engineers who founded the company in 2015 have over 15 years of experience in network simulation. The design of the “super antenna” in the Certum Phone is not a new innovation, it simply has not been applied optimally before. The Certum Phone has been designed “reception first” from the ground up.
– Certum Phone Android smartphone to provide the best signal reception

Improvements in cell reception allow better connectivity for all purposes. Less dropped calls and improved data transfer over 3G and 4G networks in the wild or challenging city spaces such as the subway. The Certum Phone is a crowdfunded project, with a project on Indiegogo.


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