Let Free CloudFlare handle your WordPress site for performance and reliability

The free tier of the CloudFlare CDN platform delivers content with speed and closest to where the users is. This results in lower load on my server and a better experience for a global audience. In addition to delivery, CloudFlare also offers other optimizations (resource minification, etc.).

Using CloudFlare for handling WordPress site traffic is really a no-brainer

Running WordPress on HHVM? Don’t forget to keep it up-to-date!

The average version of HHVM PHP virtual machine only has eight (8) weeks of support. This is not a very long time, so you’ll need to keep a close eye on your version as HHVM is not immune to security issues. Like any software.

Read more about HHVM release cycle and Long Term Support (LTS) releases.

Come learn about Symfony, CMS and web development in hands-on workshops

eZ Publish Summer Camp and PHP Summer Camp are a joint event held in Croatia at the end of August (26. – 29.8.2015). There will be excellent professionals (and me) holding hands-on workshops about all things PHP, eCommerce, Content Management and whatnot.

Read and learn more about the Symfony CMS workshop

Comparing implementations of Symfony in different CMS (Bolt, Drupal 8 and eZ Platform)

You have heard a lot of talk about Symfony in the last PHP events such as Drupalcon events starting from 2012 – the year Drupal announced that they will be embracing Symfony. To many it is not quite clear what this means.

I found a good article that explains this: Learn how Drupal and other content management tools use Symfony

WordPress performance using HTTP/2 and HHVM

WordPress is a stable technology which can not evolve very fast. Thanks to the evolving PHP and web platform we can apply improvements continuously. In 2015 the most talked methods to improve WordPress performance are HTTP/2 and the HHVM runtime.

Read more here: Improve WordPress performance using HTTP/2 and HHVM