News from Finland in English

If you’re a person living in Finland without skills in the Finnish language, you might miss out on quite a few of the mainstream news. Normally you’ll hear about the biggest news from your colleagues, study mates or partners.

These are important things like housing prices, jobs and the economy:

There’s still nothing like reading it from the source yourself. Unfortunately the excellent Sweden-based publication The Local, once rumoured to enter the Finnish Market, is still absent. Here are a few sources for news from Finland in English:

Automatic Content Migration from Drupal to WordPress?

There are many options for transferring content from one CMS to another. All of this is not rocket science, but you need to have a good partner to help you transfer content from one system to another that is most sensible.

Read this article f you need to migrate content from Drupal to WordPress to eZ Platform

Let Free CloudFlare handle your WordPress site for performance and reliability

The free tier of the CloudFlare CDN platform delivers content with speed and closest to where the users is. This results in lower load on my server and a better experience for a global audience. In addition to delivery, CloudFlare also offers other optimizations (resource minification, etc.).

Using CloudFlare for handling WordPress site traffic is really a no-brainer