Safari 1.0

Apple released Safari 1.0 at WWDC. To me it seems it should have been delayed. I’ve heard reports of it crashing more than the betas. It also introduced at least one new problem with CSS. I made a quick mock-up page of a quirk 1.0 brought with it. Read my article.

In general I’m really loving this browser, but it still has bugs to iron out. Mark Pilgrim has a good site on the problems with Safari at the moment. I’m sure they’ll fix this rendering bug soon, but I could have lived with the latest beta for a while longer.

Now for something not related to Safari.. Marc Andreessen (Mr. Netscape) is complaining that browser development is standing still and that they had better ideas for browsing a decade ago.. Read the article here. I’m just wondering what kind of wild ideas they had back then? 3D-browsing? Remember VRML? (yuck! 🙂

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